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“It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Pauli Kari, the young Finnish pianist and composer, whose work I have known since I first heard him play in Utrecht in 2001.

Mr. Kari is a very fine musician, gifted with a comprehensive technique allied to great musical sensitivity and intelligence. His performances show thorough professionalism in all departments and, what is more, he also possesses musical charm – a quality almost forgotten by the younger generation of instrumentalists.

His recent CD of his owm music proved a delightful revelation. Much recent piano music, however brilliantly composed, is frequently extremely awkward to play, because so many of today´s composers are not performers at any serious level – unlike the great Classical-Romantic age of the pianist-composer. It is refreshing indeed to hear music so gratefully written for the instrument, and so gracefully performed. Pauli Kari´s music is likely to be taken up by other performers desperate nowadays for new music – so often required for example in modern competitions – that is actually a joy to learn and to perform repeatedly.

Pauli Kari promises to be a pianist-composer if enduring reputation. Any assistance of encouragement afforded him would be an astute investment in the future of classical music. Mr. Kari has always been an excellent ambassador for his native Finland, but his special gifts deserve to be recognized in the widest international spheres of musical activity. It is scarcely necessary to add that he is a fine upstanding man of unimpeachable and engaging personality. I commend him to the reader´s attention and earnest consideration.”

Dr. Leslie Howard AM,

DMus, MA, I.Mus, Dip. d`onore, etc.Concert pianist, President of the Liszt Society, 20 years a Member of Council of the Royal Philharmonic Society, Visiting Professor: Royal Academic of Music, London; Peabody Concervatory, Baltimore; Juillard School, New York; Accademia Pianistica – Incontri con il maestro, Italy; University of Melbourne, etc.


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