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”MUSICAL TRAVELS OF VIRTUOSITY Hooked On the Piano Tour 09, the Savonlinna Hall Thursday, 23th of July 2009 How does one feel coming back to the hot and sunny day after having spent an hour in the cool shade of the Savonlinna Hall immersed in other worlds, listening to piano music? LIKE RE-AWAKENED – a shame that so many people did not experience it! PIANIST Pauli Kari’s concert tour began at Savonlinna with a series of three concerts. The programme consisted of the musician’s personal favourites, works which are usually performed as the last number at concerts; that is to … Continued

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Martti Parkkari

“SUPERB COMPETENCE Hooked On the Piano Tour ´09 at the Sigyn Hall, Turku, Finland 8th July 2009 Controlled virtuosity. Form and detail in balance. The many hues of happiness and sorrow in his touch. And to think that he could play the entire programme without a pause! This summer afternoon was truly an experience. Thank you also for the rare, perhaps even unconventional choice of compositions. A STAR HAS RISEN! ” – Martti Parkkari, well-known Finnish Composer and Lecturer, Board Member of Finnish Wagner Society

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