Audience Feedback

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”The concert at Sigyn Hall in Turku was a great experience and a summer solstice; I hope we can hear this kind of music played so alive and so intensively, also in the future.”

Citizen Tommi Viitanen


”Once more, a thousand thanks for a great evening in Turku on June 8th, 2009! It is a long time since I have had such a wonderful musical day. After musing on what I experienced at the concert there I am now truly looking forward to hearing it again here in Lahti. Of the compositions, only Chopin was slightly familiar to me. The Phantasy by Balakirev must have been very hard to play, and it did not open up to me during one hearing, but I was left with a desire to hear it again. C.V. Alkan was a composer completely unknown to me. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of making his acquaintance! It seems there are many of Alkan’s compositions to be found on You Tube. When I get the time, I intend to peruse it to find something “high brow” as a stress relief, many thanks for the tip!

And I must definitely visit “Barcelona” again. Thank your for that piece.

And the Liszt, that too I have to hear again.

What a well-structured concert this was – difficult compositions speaking volumes.

I wish you strength and tenacity for the demanding tour.

I hope the advance billing is a success so the public would receive enough of information on the great programme, and as many as possible would become interested.”

With cheerful summer music regards, Mauri A.


”Thank you for a heart–gripping piano concert at the Savonlinna Hall!”

Mariya, Gitta and Sari July 23rd, 2009


”The first concert experience in my life. I had no time to follow the finger work of the pianist, and had no need to, but instead had to close my eyes and leave the state I was in to enter into a hitherto un-experienced state, and let the notes flood my brain in all their different hues. A wonderful experience. Thank you.”

With regards, Kauko at Kilpisjärvi, September 15th 2009


”Thank your for an evening of great expriences. The second time of hearing the concert gave us even more.”

With regards Kaija and Juhani, Muonio September 17th 2009


















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