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“I, Professor of Piano Arie Vardi, wish to support this promising young pianist Mr. Pauli Kari of Finland by giving him this letter of recommendation. After hearing him for the first time at the 4th International Hamamatsu Piano Competition on 13-26 November 2000 (ACT Concert Hall, Hamamatsu City, Japan) while I was there acting as a judge, I was pleased to notice that Pauli Kari has acquired an exceptional ability to express music. He is a strong interpreter and has a very distinct style of his own. His ability shows that he has attained a high professional level in his art. As an interpreter he is extraordinarily strong and for this reason especially I believe that he will achieve international success in the future. He has already attained exceptional facility in his playing. He has brilliant hands, as well as brilliant techique. His qualities are such that he is able to do what he wishes. Strong interpretation seems to be the nature of Pauli Kari; it seems to be resident in him…”

“…Pauli Kari has a impressive and powerful personal style of playing which shows so much originality…”

Conductor, Piano Artist, Prof. Arie Vardi, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover, The President of The International Rubinstein Piano Master Competition


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